GI Quality Improvement Project Description

GI Quality Improvement Consortium Ltd. (GIQuIC)

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The GI Quality Improvement Consortium Ltd. (the "GIQuIC") is an educational and scientific 501(c)(3) organization established by physicians specializing in gastroenterology. The Consortium’s purpose is to improve the quality of medical care given to patients throughout the United States and abroad.

Gastroenterologists treat patients for disorders and conditions of the digestive tract. The GIQuIC will design, develop and utilize various measurements of the endoscopic techniques of practicing gastroenterologists, a process referred to as benchmarking. The benchmarking project will begin by measuring common endoscopic procedures employed by gastroenterologists. Endoscopy is a minimally invasive medical procedure that is used to assess the digestive system organs by inserting a tube orally into a patient's stomach or rectally into the patient’s colon. The instrument provides an image for visual inspection and photographs. The tube can also take biopsies and retrieve foreign objects. A risk of the endoscopic procedure includes perforation of the organ being inspected.

The scientific measurement of the quality of endoscopic procedures should improve the quality of the medical care being given to patients throughout the United States and abroad and ultimately improve the quality of the public’s health. Over time, it is hoped that the project can determine which indicators are good measures for improving patient treatment and outcomes. The expectation is that benchmarking will gradually improve the quality of endoscopies being performed throughout the United States as well as other physician/patient interactions while limiting the possibility of injury to the patient and improving patient outcomes.

The GIQuIC plans to share the scientific results of its benchmarking with the general public by releasing data to medical colleges and universities, making presentations to scientific meetings and publishing scientific papers on how to improve GI procedures and treatments. By sharing this information with physicians and the general public, the GIQuIC hopes to improve the quality of medical care given to patients throughout the United States and abroad and promote the health of the general public.

The GIQuIC is a nonprofit organization established by the ACG and ASGE to house this initiative

GI Quality Improvement Consortium Project Goals

Endoscopy data must be collected in a systematic method and used to measure the quality of endoscopy practices. Ongoing development and testing of metrics for specific endoscopy procedures is required. Critical to success is the need to report industry-wide performance against measurable processes and practices at the national level. Objectives include the following:

  1. Establish a national GI endoscopy data repository for storage and maintenance of Endoscopy Quality Measures for GI Endoscopists who want to document and improve their endoscopy performance.
  2. Provide Benchmarking reports to participating physicians and facilities to support their quality improvement initiatives.
  3. Identify gaps in care and develop Endoscopy Quality Indicators to address gaps.
  4. Collect data that can be used by researchers conducting clinical outcomes studies and quality initiatives